Residential Light Installation

Enjoy a Festive, Beautiful Atmosphere, Without the Hassle of Doing It Yourself

Residential Holiday Decorations

  • Your Home Decor Sets the Tone for Your Holidays
  • Exterior Decor
  • Christmas Lights Installation
  • Outdoor Lights for Holiday Parties
  • Permanent Inception Lighting Installation
  • RGB Moving Lighting
Make Your Holidays Bright

Luxury & Gorgeous Holiday Lighting

Denver Christmas Light Installers can help your season be merry and bright. With our proven process and line itemized proposals, we'll break everything down for you so you can have a clear picture before we start. Then, our team will carefully install every light, garland, and decoration, utilizing best practices to ensure that every piece looks great and functions perfectly. And when the season ends, we'll take everything down efficiently so that you can start the new year with a clean slate.

Exterior Holiday Light Design

Our residential lighting and decoration professional will evaluate and map your property, listen to your unique desires, and then create a holiday lighting and decorating plan that accents your home's best features. We will walk you through the design process and can answer any questions you may have.

Custom Lighting Installation

Each lighting installation is unique. Our installations address the features that are specific to your property. In addition, we use a variety of techniques to make sure your property is not damaged, including a series of property-friendly clips and fasteners. Installations are scheduled and planned based on the timeline, and our friendly installation crew handles everything.

Timely Residential Lights Takedown

Even though the holiday season will end, that doesn't mean our residential lighting service does! After the holidays, we will come back and take down the decorations and ensure that your property is in as great shape as when we started. We will label the lights and decorations used to decorate your home and store them throughout the offseason. By doing this, the products used for your home will be perfectly ready to be reinstalled for you next year!

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Why us?

We Make The Things Easy, Hassle Free, & Right on Time

We are here to turn your property into a wonderland. We will work with you to understand your unique property and design a stunning display to match. Our team of specialists and products mean that you can have holiday lighting that incorporates your entire space look stunning and make your neighbors aww stuck! So whether you're looking for classic elegance, a unique creation, or some family-friendly fun, we'll put our signature attention to detail towards turning your vision into reality.

When the bells are jingling, the carolers are singing, and the holidays are in full swing, you need a holiday light display to match. But as fun as holiday lighting can be, it is a significant undertaking for any home owner to install yourself. From tangled cords to busted bulbs, not to mention the challenge of organizing it all, holiday lighting requires significant time and attention—and at the busiest time of the year, too.

Why Wait? Talk to us right now to plan for a bright season!

Denver Christmas Light Installers does everything for you.